Where Amsterdam used to be known for its overseas trade which made the Dutch city the (financial) capital of the world back in the Golden Age, today Amsterdam is known as the capital of electronic dance music. Next to the worldwide famous Dutch flowers and Dutch cheese, Electronic Dance Music has become one of the biggest Dutch export products since the early 90s. The second Summer of Love (1988) brought the right vibes into our little country, straight from UK and Ibiza, to get creative in and out of the (recording) studio.

Amsterdam Music Society

AMS, established in 1999, can be your guide into this worldwide dance industry, assisting you with trading music, touring, and so much more. AMS, formally known as Amsterdam Management Services, recently changed her initials A.M.S. into Amsterdam Music Society. AMS started out as a bookings agency just before the end of the millenium, in the year where everybody partied like it was 1999!

But along the way extra services became visible. With the growth of AMSterdam Publishing and after a couple of onwards intimate club parties, AMS in Production, the event organization within AMS, was born and last but certainly not least AMSterdam Records is the toggle in this story.

We are not a regular music company but like to think out of the box and create our dreams as also of others by guiding talent to the next level. Our focus is not money but to share our passion for music & culture which daily motivates us to do the things we love most, which are enjoying life, music, events and people around us that share that same passion. Read more on this website or check www.AMSbookings.ASIA to learn more about our Asian department.

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